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Phenomenon Based Learning and Mentoring

July 23, 2016

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When you feel good about yourself, it’s easy to accept and value yourself, because you know that your value isn’t dependent on others accepting and valuing you.  So regardless of what others may say or do, we don’t compare THAT to who we know we are inside.

Photo by Izzie R on Unsplash

What is self-care?  Why is it so important?  Isn’t that what we all do when we brush our teeth, get dressed, eat, and all of the other many tasks that we do each day simply to live our lives in these modern times?  Or is it when we spend hou...

We, as humans, all have needs.  Our needs range from our basic survival needs to psychological needs to needs for self-fulfillment.  Abraham Maslow arranged these needs into a pyramid form, with our basic needs at the base, and our need for self-actualization at the to...