Live More, Stress Less

Online Course for both Men and Women
Are you sick of being stressed? 

Do you feel out of control of your life? 

Is it time to finally begin freeing yourself from the pressures you may have been carrying around for years?


Gentle and consistent but active stress reduction is the key to your success. This Live more, Stress less course may be exactly what you need.

In this course you will learn: 

  • Your level of stress and your active stress reduction starting point.

  • How to relax your mind, body and heart without compromising your inner yearnings.

  • How to deeply connect with yourself and your individual needs.

  • To build a solid personal development foundation, which will serve you in every area of your life.  

  • How to overcome procrastination and self sabotage.

  • How to overcome addictions and displaced behaviour.

  • How life direction and purpose effect your levels of stress.

  • How to master your physical and emotional nourishment.

  • How to make these changes gradually and permanently. 

  • And much much more. 

This course is the "something different" you have been looking for. It is NOT just another organisational tool telling you how to make "to do" lists or organise your thoughts. Lists and mind maps are a great side-tool, and although these traditional stress reduction techniques can give you a temporary sense of stress relief, this head induced sense of relief soon subsides and overwhelm takes over once more. When you finally fail with your lists approach, disappointment and feelings of letting yourself down take over and your body's stress cycle begins again, only this time more strongly. This leads to self criticism and feelings of "not good enough". 


In order to successfully reduce out stress, we need to realise that time management is not stress management! No amount of "figuring things out" will help your body release stress, and trying to control your life purely by thought is not a permanent solution; it will simply return you to the stress cycle. If you truly want to break free from your level of stress and overwhelm, you need to attend to and activate your mind, body and heart. We will show you how!

Join us on this 4 module, 9 lesson online course
to find out how to free your body from stress
and how to be more present and productive
in the things that really matter to you

Think about your body as a container of all the things that affect you - your relationships, your work challenges, your family's needs. Your body not only carries these thoughts and feelings around, it tries to facilitate the important people's needs as well. This could be going to work, being with your friends or playing with your kids, and if your body is already a container of stress, you feel physically tired and emotionally absent.


If your intellectual stress management is overriding your body care, your stress reduction efforts will be fruitless. As mentioned before, "To do" lists and other thought organising tools may give you a short term sense of relief, but the only permanent solution to real stress reduction is to consciously take breaks from your thoughts, so that you can see that your thoughts and how you are feeling is not the whole picture. In order to reduce the stress you experience and carry around in your life, it is imperative to get out of your head and into your body every single day.

Now at this point disempowered people usually say: but I don’t have the time to do something every day. 'I’m too busy.' Or 'I can’t afford the time to just lazy around'. To think that you don’t have the time to attend to yourself is short sighted. What you actually can't afford is to be sick, confused and overwhelmed with tasks and other minutia that takes your attention away from things that are important to you, like your family, your work or your friends. What you can't afford is to let your life slip by you because you were too busy to take part in it. Disengaging from your life like this can lead to addiction and other displaced behaviour which will take you even further away from who you truly are, and seriously affect your relationships with the people you value. 

When you give yourself an opportunity to reduce your stress, you will begin to engage with your life again in a meaningful and authentic way. You will feel more at ease and you will find a completely new way of prioritising your life, and the best thing is that you won't be apologising for it either! The daily pressures release and you can relax into seeing things from a different perspective. The things that used to bother you don't bother you anymore. The things that you found forceful or negative in the past lose their power over you. And to top everything off, your relationships can grow and flourish beyond your deepest desires. 

If you are ready for these kinds of changes, please check out a short description of each of the modules below: 

Module 1: Introduction to active stress reduction

In this module we learn about your internal grids: your mind, body and heart. These grids provide the foundation from which you can build a happy and meaningful life.  We will also cover the three levels of stress reduction - entry, intermediate and mastery - and you will get to determine your own current level of stress, as well as your starting point for this course through a short quiz. This will tailor this program to meet your current level of need and set you up for success.


Module 2: Your Head Grid - how to manage the stress of your mind

In this module you learn how stress affects the brain, and how the effects on your brain shape your life both in the short and long term. You will learn how to reduce your stress by understanding why you react the way that you do, and to wrap go the full circle, you will discover the top 3 keys to your mental stress reduction, as well as specific level appropriate exercises to reduce your mental stress.  


Module 3: Your Body - your vessel for a happy and meaningful life
In this module you learn what stress is doing to your body, and how to begin your stress detox. We will discuss the importance of releasing your cellular memory, and how you can transform your life by being gentle but persistent with your physical stress reduction. In the second lesson of this module you will discover the top 3 keys to physical stress reduction, and you will receive your level appropriate exercises to make sure that you will receive exactly the kind of support that YOU need right now. 


Module 4: Your Heart - directing you to a higher level of authenticity

This module is all about what is holding you back in your active stress reduction as well as in your life. In the first lesson you learn how to recover from procrastination and self sabotage, the second lesson is all about the importance of being on purpose, and the 3rd and the final lesson covers addiction and how to break through it. 

We look forward to having you join this leading edge personal development course. See you there!

The money back guarantee on this course extends to 30 days from the day of purchase, or the date of release, whichever is latter.