This 4 lesson home study course will show you how to:

​✓ Stop your self sacrificing behaviour once and for all. 

✓ Stop shaming yourself.

✓ Stop procrastinating. 

✓ Stop letting past hurts dominate your future life. 

✓ Gain the respect and reverence of the people around you. 

Becoming The Radiant Woman

This 12 month home study course will show you how to:

​✓ Stop feeling out of control in your life. 

✓ Stop pretending - it's exhausting! 

✓ Stop having meaningless relationships. 

✓ Reclaim power over your life and your choices. 

✓ Bring out the real you & live a happy and authentic life.

Live More - Stress Less

This course is not based on hype.

It's designed to give you the tools you need to master your life.

This course will show you how to:

✓ Reduce your stress effectively, without overdoing it. 
✓ Feel less stressed, even when life is challenging.
✓ Stop life from just passing you by.