The Radiant Woman Sorority

Start changing your life right now,
no matter how busy you are.


The Radiant Woman Sorority is a bite-size online mentoring class for women who are too busy to have regular 1-2-1/group consultations, or are unable to take a whole day off to attend a workshop.

All our programmes embrace personal sovereignty, empowerment and equality in the world. Happiness, boundaries and personal development are the keys to leading an authentic and celebrated life where you both offer and command support and respect in your life.


With weekly focus topics, and a monthly open forum event, your 12 month personal development journey is gentle and sustainable, making your transformation evolutionary, not revolutionary.

You can be happy, confident and in tune
with YOUR life’s purpose.

The Radiant Woman Movement is about tangible results, and application to real world events, rather than theoretical or ‘cosmic’ personal development entertainment.  Through this phenomenon based learning style, we learn to listen to our individual voices.  By asking the right questions, we help you tune to your inner guidance and wisdom.

Are you ready for real happiness and results?

The Radiant Woman Sorority comes with a FULL 30-day money back guarantee from the date of payment. 

Sorority Testimonials

"The Sorority gives me a weekly focus and a safe space to express my thoughts and ideas. It also provides a network of like minded women who are all on their own self discovery journey. I find this work empowering and look forward to the weekly check points where I always discover another part of me to develop and love."


- Kristen Kime, Australia

"I didn’t know how much I needed this work but I kept an open mind. And when I say ‘work’ it’s not hard or tiring work at all. It’s actually really fulfilling and enjoyable. Since starting this work I have had friends admire the way I function staying at home with 3 toddlers, and how I still find time for the important things in my life. It's all thanks to the clarity and strength I have gained through the Radiant Woman Work."

- Natalja Corbett, Australia

"For me, the monthly open forum sessions have been the most rewarding. Merja has a a depth of insight into issues at micro and macro level and provides clear feedback that is applicable not just to the person asking the question but anyone listening in. The scope of the questions is wide, and the answers provide you with insights into things you may not have even thought about previously!"

- Kirstin Blaikie