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What's in your box?

Your starting point on this journey of self discovery is as important as the end destination that you have in mind. Without a clear picture of your starting point, you will be lacking of direction and a way to measure your progress. Lack of direction will leave you feel like you are at the receiving end of life, and you can get easily distracted from your journey when going gets tough. You may even be taking some wrong turns thus slowing down your progress and creating unnecessary detours.

If you don't know what's in your box, you won't be able to gauge your progress. Knowing where you are starting from will give you an opportunity to celebrate even the smaller progress steps, which in turn will help you create the momentum you need to keep going when things get challenging.

The bottom line of your personal development is this: if you don't keep momentum and right direction you are very likely to get frustrated and fail. So ask yourself these questions: 1. What are the major things you have going on right now?

2. What impact do you think these challenges are having on you at the moment?

3. How long have you had these challenges?

4. What’s the worst part about all these challenges? Why? (How is are the challenges making you feel about yourself?)

5. If you could overcome all these challenges and flow freely toward your vision, what would that do for you? 6. What are the strengths you have within your nature that can help you overcome these challenges? 7. What do you feel you need most help with, when it comes to these challenges? By simply answering these 7 questions, you will have started to open the box and look at the challenges, as well as the strengths you have within you. Knowing where you are starting from will give you a starting point. Where you choose to travel after that is totally up to you! We are honoured to be a part of your journey.

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