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Monthly Hotseat (Q&A) Event

The Radiant Woman Sorority hosts a live 90 minute online forum that is shaped purely by the questions of participants. You will have a chance to listen to Merja respond to questions across all manner of topics – anything from healing childhood hurts and relationships to finding one’s purpose! Merja sees the “behind the curtain” connections in your life that you may have missed. These connections, when implemented in your life, can unlock your full potential.

2nd Monday of every month at 7.00pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Let your wise radiance be awakened within you by attending our interactive HOTSEAT Event!

There is an innate wisdom to our curiosity, drawing us closer to what is right for us. Merja harnesses the wisdom of your questions to not only serve you but the entire forum. Whatever age, experience or stage of life, Merja finds a way to make each individual’s questions pertinent to us all, throughout the HOTSEAT event.

There is an upper limit of 2 questions per participant, first come, first served. And of course all questions can be anonymous – anything goes! As each HOTSEAT agenda is created by your questions, no 2 sessions are ever the same.

Here are topics from some of our previous sessions:

– How to support others without compromising my own happiness? – When to give up on a one-sided friendship? – Why am I having to force myself to have fun after upheaval at home? – Shouldn’t fun come naturally to us? – Managing the contrast between fun and difficult times in a situation of upheaval. – Introspection vs being with people to move through issues? – How to resist others’ expectations of me, especially in the start of my own journey? – How to re-connect with the people who have caused my “issues”? – How to cope with the overwhelm of this personal transformation journey? – How to manage my time better? – Inner child and the work/life balance. – Why do I compare myself to others? – What to do when I feel attracted to a person other than my partner?

To get the most out of your experience make sure you have clear questions in mind, or better yet write down the questions you are yearning to receive answers for, and forward them on to us. Ask yourself:

– What do you want to ask about? – What life circumstances brought you to this question?

For more information on our next hotseat event, or to submit your questions in advance of the event, please contact us at coachingwithmerja@gmail.com.

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