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The Radiant Woman Sorority - Online Course

Join this online home-study program and get a weekly focus topic recording and access to monthly group mentoring session. We currently offer a FREE 4 week trial. Sign up for your free trial NOW!


MONTH 1: Sexual Polarity And Power

Week 1: Feminine Sexual Essence vs. Masculine Sexual Essence Week 2: Celebrating The Differences Week 3: Industrial And Sexual Revolutions; De-polarisation Week 4: The Outright Sexual Goddess

MONTH 2: Healing And Overcoming Trauma

Week 1: Cellular Memory Trauma Week 2: Numbness And Detached Patterning Week 3: Emotional Guidance Grid Week 4: Inner Parenting – Become Your Own Healer

MONTH 3: False Selves

Week 1: Inner Critic Week 2: Inner Bully Week 3: Inner Narcissist Week 4: Inner Victim

MONTH 4: Relationships

Week 1: Who Are You As a Partner? Week 2: Who Is Your Ideal Partner? Week 3: Investing In Your Relationship Week 4: Relationships Demystified

MONTH 5: How To Manage Minutia Week 1: Define & Prioritise Week 2: Eliminate The Unnecessary Week 3: Automate The Recurring Week 4: Liberate Yourself From The Unwanted

MONTH 6: Setting And Achieving Goals Week 1: What Does Your Brain Want? Week 2: What Does Your Heart Want? Week 3: The Creative Void Week 4: Goal Mapping

MONTH 7: Persevering With Goals And Patterning Week 1: Review And Re-Jig Week 2: What Patterning Is Arising? Week 3: Staying With Yourself Through The Struggle Week 4: Celebrating The Wins

MONTH 8: Finances Week 1: Managing Income Week 2: Savings Week 3: Investments Week 4: Financial Freedom

MONTH 9: Feminine Creative Power Week 1: So, you think you’re not very creative? Week 2: Supporting your creative side Week 3: Deep expression Week 4: Sharing your expression

MONTH 10: The Female Brain Week 1: Physical structure Week 2: Hormonal Driving Force Week 3: Immature female brain Week 4: Mature female brain

MONTH 11: Purpose and vocation Week 1: The nature of purpose Week 2: Purpose statement Week 3: Taking small action Week 4: Commitment

MONTH12: Managing your environment Week 1: Your physical space Week 2: Your creative space Week 3: People environment Week 4: The power of nature

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