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Write your own rules

For generations we have been conditioned to follow rules, conformation and what's appropriate and what's not. As a result we have veered away from our true desires, as we were made feel inappropriate by whomever was in power at that time. Following on from that, we have became extremely frustrated, suppressed and non-creative, as the flowing power of feeling good has vanished. Frustration and suppression has turned the world, media and most human interaction to be mostly based on fear, confrontation and challenge. And yet, the best selling stories are happy-go-lucky, mostly about true love and self discovery.

The negative feelings we explore do serve a purpose. They allow the explorer to get clarity on what they do not want and when you know what you don't want, you more often know what you do want. The challenge is, that many of us, due to the social conditioning, find it difficult to learn to define themselves past their hurt and suffering. I used to see this a lot in my work when I was all about "healing" people. Since I changed my own focus on empowering people and encouraging their own journeys, I no longer tend to attract chronic sufferers of anything. (As I'm writing this, I have a massive wave of appreciation running through my body, bringing tears to my eyes, as I feel gratitude for my trip and clarity so far. Thank you for sharing it with me.)

I learnt it was a lot easier to just know what you do want and ask for that. Not ask others to conform to your desires, but just to put the thought out there and allow the desire to come to you. With knowing who you are, there is no forcefulness. In contrast, thinking about who don't want to be, the immediate reaction is defensiveness, and can sometimes even lead to being offensive towards self and others.

Feel the difference between the defensive and the self-encouraging sentiment:

I am not ready - I am learning.

I am not there - I am here.

I am not in a relationship - I am free to do as I please.

I don't understand - I am discovering new things all the time.

Bring brave enough to stand up and own your own life can be daunting, but you are in the right place for it here at The Radiant Woman. Having the right kind of support around you as you move through the change into a more authentic life will make your journey less scary and more light, fun and enjoyable. Getting encouragement at the right times will carry you through the challenges and knowing that there is a family that has your back through your change will help you find your own path and stay on it.

You are a real and valued person, who has a lot to offer when you make that offering from your heart. If you were to write and follow your own rules in life, who would we see?

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