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If you think you’re not creative, you’re wrong.

Every person can be a “creative person”. The seed of creativity is hidden within you, all you have to do is water it and give it a bit of light, and it will grow. Trying something for the first time is always hard. This is no different with creativity. Don’t be put off by fear of failure. It's only practice, and in order to succeed, you need to practice creativity like any other skill. Over time and with perseverance you will succeed. Unraveling your creativity starts with treating yourself with the same respect you would give to others who you consider to be creative, and just like there are many different forms of artists (painters, writers, sculptors), so too are there different forms of creative people (business owners, mothers, teachers, artists). The seed of your creativity just needs to be given a chance to grow. We think that when bad things happen in our lives, we need to stop pursuing things for ourselves, and creativity is the very first thing we usually let go of. But we have another choice; when sh*t that happens, we can let it define us, or we can use it as the fertiliser, which will spur us further in our explorations of creativity.

As an adult, my client Cathy felt very suppressed in her creativity. She grew up in a single parent household where her mother worked hard to provide for her and her 3 siblings. One day, when she was 8, Cathy came home from school and her mother was home sick. She had worked too much and too long hours to make ends meet, and Cathy wanted to comfort her by singing a song to her. This was a special song, because she had written it herself. The song was about how strong her mother was. Cathy started singing and her mother immediately yelled her to shut up. Even though Cathy didn’t realise at the time that her mother had a migraine and was feeling ill with the smallest of sounds, she was so upset about her mother’s reaction that she never wrote anything again, and immediately stopped singing.

She had interpreted that her mother's reaction meant that she was a bad writer and a bad singer, and that she should be ashamed of herself and not try anything ever again.

Through some consistent work with me over a 12 month period, Cathy began finding her voice again. She was able to resolve the hurts that had caused her to shut down her creativity at the tender age of 8. She found her creative self again and as she parented herself further, she found her purpose in life. As we speak, Cathy is training to be a music school teacher for 3-5 year olds. By doing her personal work she liberated herself from the beliefs that she was not creative, she found her own voice, and she gave it a joyous job, which keeps opening her heart even more. This story is a perfect reflection, that no matter what has shut down your creativity, it can be healed and opened up. “For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn't understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.” ― Cynthia Occelli

Give your personal seed of creativity an opportunity to crack and grow into something really special . Do your personal work and find out what your greatest gifts to the world are. If you need help with getting started, check out one of our courses or try the Radiant Woman Sorority 8 week free trial

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