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Quick Tips #6: The Habit Of Guilt

Question: I have been working on eliminating unnecessary minutia and as a result I have a lot more time to spend on activities I really want to do, which is excellent. But I keep having feelings of guilt coming up. I feel guilty scheduling time to relax and actually taking it. I feel guilty spending time on my own projects, when there is still work to be done (even though it is minutia and not urgent). How do you suggest I overcome this guilt, as it’s affecting my enjoyment of activities?

That’s a great question. Guilt is a self-generated feeling. It stems from how we were brought up or affected by our surroundings.

Prioritizing yourself and doing things that are right for you, can bring up feelings of guilt, but there are ways of handling them.

I would suggest, that in those moments of guilt you ask yourself, whose voice is it that’s telling you what you are doing right now is wrong. Ask yourself who is effectively telling that you should be doing other things. Feeling guilty can also be social, cultural or heritage conditioning. So when the feeling comes up, take a moment to study the source.

Once you know who’s voice it is or where it comes from, you can start tracing back in that thought path, and start changing either that particular relationship dynamic or the conditioning.

When those feelings of guilt come up again, practice rejecting them. Don’t go into the guilt zone, but consciously reject them. By knowing the source of guilt and practicing rejecting it, you are already changing the pattern. Hopefully this helps.

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