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Quick Tips #11: How do I choose the right coach?

Question: The new year is here and I would like start working on my personal development. I haven't done any work yet and it's a jungle out there. Can you give me some tips where to start?

Absolutely! I personally like to continue my evolution and development and I know it can be hard to find out what kind of person or company you want to work with or what format you want to work it in.

These are the top 3 questions I ask:

#1 Do I feel like they really care about me?

When I speak to the representative from the prospective company, I observe how they deal with me. Are they including me into their world or am I just a number on their list? I need to feel like I’m an important person for them.

#2 Are they qualified in giving advice?

Has the person teaching the course successfully overcome what I want to overcome? For me nothing is worse than getting some general information from somebody who hasn’t actually gone through what you are trying to work through. So I make sure I will be working with someone who is qualified in giving me the guidance in the area I need most help with.

#3 Is there money back guarantee?

This is something that I always look for. It could be that the carefully selected course isn’t the right fit for me after all and I have to look for another. Money back guarantee gives me the feeling that the company cares about my well-being.

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