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Quick Tips #13: Feminine and masculine sexual essence

Question: "Could you please explain in short what is the difference between the feminine sexual essence and the masculine sexual essence?"

That’s a great question.

Sexual essence is actually about creation. When we remove the sexual act itself out of the concept we can talk about creative essence in a way that you can relate to it in other areas of your life.

So sexual expression or essence is just another form of creative power and we all have both and use them in different situations.

Masculine essence:

  • The masculine creative essence is very direct line thinking. It’s very results orientated. It is literally there to get a job done.

Feminine essence:

  • The feminine sexual essence is there to facilitate the masculine essence. It’s about creating space and allowing things in and out of that space in a flowing way. It’s about change, it’s about empowering and it’s all about taking that power from within and letting that grow.

Feminine and masculine essence in relationships:

  • The key to having a really successful relationship, whether it’s sexual or creative, is to know where you and your partner are, whether in feminine or in masculine essence.

  • When those two come together, it’s wonderful. The masculine and feminine essences are different. They are like two magnets facing each other. They are polarised, but attracted to each other and close together.

  • But if you have the magnets facing away from one another, so that you have two positive or negative polars against each other they are going to repel one another.

For example: If both you and your partner are in a masculine state, you are likely to butt heads. In that situation you might choose to think: “ This relationship is important to me and I don’t actually want to butt heads. Yes. things need to be done, but what if I was to soften and go into that delicious feminine creative power?” All of a sudden there is like an amalgamation of the two and now you are back into being a team.

In this day and age the feminine sexual essence or the feminine creative power is not necessarily that celebrated. Women tend to live in a very male energetic existence, especially when it comes to their careers and what they want to achieve in their lives

I’m not saying that women should only be in their feminine, because I don’t think that’s healthy either. But just know when you are where you are so that you can choose something that might work better for you and for the people that you care about.

To recap: Sexual essence is about creative power that we all have and use in different situations. The key is to know in which state you and your partner are and see if you want to change your state for things to work better.

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