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Quick Tips #19: Losing Your Purpose

Question: “I recently lost my business and my main purpose in life. I'm feeling pretty depressed about it and unsure how to find a new purpose. Could you help me with this?”

Excellent question! Firstly I want to acknowledge that losing your business can really feel like you are losing a big part of your life.

Because of that, it’s very important you allow yourself some grieving time for that. So if you are feeling depressed, that’s completely okay, you are probably just grieving for now.

What I would like to say about purpose is that you don’t actually ever lose it. Because whatever business venture you might be involved in, whatever job you might have, those are not your purpose.

Purpose in life is the essence of what you want to give from your heart to the world. Purpose is something that keeps evolving. Because it’s not tied to the specific job, it’s not ever really lost or found. Purpose is explored.

Here’s an example of purpose in my own life:

We are running a lot of different programmes through the Merja Sumiloff Project. We run The Radiant Woman, the INFx Project and the 4 People Within, just to name a few.

We run all these projects, which are each very different to one another. But there’s a golden thread that ties them all together, and that’s my purpose. My purpose is being a relationship strategist, whether it’s a relationship with yourself or your partner, relationship with your inner children, or relationship with what you do for a living.

My purpose is to strategise around relationships, not the individual jobs or projects.

I just want to reassure you that you haven’t lost your purpose, it’s just that you have lost your business, which was a representation of your purpose path.

As I said, the purpose path keeps evolving. Even if you were able to run exactly the same business, it may not feel like it’s your purpose anymore. There might be another form of that purpose that’s available to you right now.

My question to you is, what was the essence of the business that felt purposeful to you?

Think about that and find a different way to express that essence and find joy in that.

But as I said in the very beginning, make sure that you give yourself time to grieve. That your inner children can go through all those yucky feelings that came up with losing of the business.

You are doing okay. You are asking the questions. We can do this!

I hope that helps you.

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