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The Foundation is Self-Care

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What is self-care? Why is it so important? Isn’t that what we all do when we brush our teeth, get dressed, eat, and all of the other many tasks that we do each day simply to live our lives in these modern times? Or is it when we spend hours upon hours pampering ourselves, getting massages and manicures?

I like to think of self-care on a continuum. Yes, there are the basic ‘survival’ requirements of self-care -- brushing our teeth, getting dressed, eating, drinking water and so on. But there are many other more subtle aspects in the realm of self-care.

Some of these more subtle areas of self-care may include -

  • Saying yes to something that we enjoy doing

  • Saying no to something that’s not right for us

  • Slowing down our pace

  • Doing one thing at a time

  • Blocking off time in our calendar for ourselves

  • Finding a type of exercise that we really enjoy

  • Taking a walk in nature

  • Spending time with animals

  • Noticing our breathing and consciously breathe more deeply

One of the most important is whether we are actually prioritizing ourselves on our to-do lists, or if we simply allow life to blow us in whatever direction the wind is coming from at the moment. So you’re bouncing from laundry, to the kids needing help with play-dough, to the phone ringing, all while you’re cooking dinner. This could be a recipe for a frazzled mama! Or, this could be simply a bit of a busy patch in your day, but nothing that you can’t handle.

What is the difference in your perception of the events? The difference is simply in how well you’ve been prioritizing yourself throughout the rest of the day. If you’ve been consistently meeting your own needs, you will be ready to face a challenge like the dinner hour outlined above and can sail smoothly right through it. If you haven’t been meeting your own needs, and instead have been fire-fighting crisis after crisis, this dinner hour can cause massive mama meltdown!

So how do you prioritize yourself and meet your own needs, in addition to balancing all the rest of your priorities that are on your plate?

That’s a great question. It is really the foundation that we can build for ourselves so that we can be able to be there first for ourselves, but then also be truly able to care for others. Join us at The Radiant Woman for our Your Self-Care Matters journey. We will take you through a powerful five day journey to:

  • Own your life

  • Learn how to relax

  • Understand your feelings

  • Meet your needs

  • Take charge

We know that there’s a lot going on in your life. We will keep this journey to the point and powerful to give you just what you need.

When you’re coming from a place of fulfilled needs, life is so much easier to navigate smoothly. Are you able to imagine what that could look like in your life? We invite you to join us to find out!

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