The Radiant Woman 101


Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

Start changing your life right now,
no matter how busy you are.


The Radiant Woman 101 is a bite-size online mentoring class for women who are too busy to have regular 1:1 or group consultations, or are unable to take a whole day off to attend a workshop.  It is a general introduction to personal development work.

All our programs embrace personal sovereignty, empowerment and equality in the world. Happiness, boundaries and personal development are the keys to leading an authentic and celebrated life where you both offer and command support and respect in your life.


With weekly focus topics, a monthly live mentoring call, and an online community for support, The Radiant Woman 101 development journey is gentle and sustainable, making your transformation evolutionary, not revolutionary.  

You can be happy, confident and in tune
with YOUR life’s purpose.

The Radiant Woman 101 is about tangible results and application to real world events, rather than theoretical or ‘cosmic’ personal development entertainment. Through using our phenomenon based learning approach, you will learn to listen to your individual voice.  By asking the right questions, we help you tune to your inner guidance and wisdom.

This experience is designed to get your personal development foundation cornerstones into place.  These cornerstones will serve you throughout the rest of your life, as they are the very basis of who you are.  Even if you never do any work beyond this experience, you will feel more at ease in yourself, you will know what works and what does not work for you, and you will be well on your way to living a happy and meaningful life.

Here is what we will be covering:

Session 1: Personality Type
Learn about how your brain is 'wired' to allow you to choose to be a healthier version of yourself.  More deeply understand all four parts of yourself - the feeler, the thinker, the intuitive, and the sensor.


Session 2: Values
Begin to explore your values to get you thinking into the direction of, and owning, what is truly important you you.  Your values are the things you yearn for in life.  The needs that have gone unmet.


Session 3: Boundaries
Get clear on what belongs to you and what doesn't belong to you.  You'll learn to draw those imaginary lines that keeps close what nurtures you and help you keep out what doesn't.

Session 4: Your Personal Development Style

Determine your approach and level of commitment to the work of personal development.

Session 5: Inner Child
Discover that emotional part of you - the container for all your fears, your joy, your childhood issues, and your triggers.  


Session 6: Inner Parent

Uncover your biggest ally.  Once you learn to harness the power of your inner parent, you will always feel secure and looked after.

Session 7: Adult Self
Meet the guiding force in your life - the source of life goals and aspirations, the one who sets the course for your life, makes commitments and follows them through because they are at the core of who you are.


Session 8: Drama Triangle 
Learn a powerful tool to understand and unpack conflict in your life and learn to transcend that conflict.

You will receive one session per week. Each session is approximately 10 minutes in length and will also include application questions that allow you to apply the learning to your real life. 


The course also includes two live group mentoring calls that are 2 hours in length.  (If you are unable to attend live, you may submit your questions ahead of time.  The calls are also recorded so you can listen later.)

Are you ready for real happiness and results?


"I find this work empowering and look forward to the weekly check points where I always discover another part of me to develop and love."


- Kristen Kime, Australia

"I didn’t know how much I needed this work but I kept an open mind. And when I say ‘work’ it’s not hard or tiring work at all. It’s actually really fulfilling and enjoyable. Since starting this work I have had friends admire the way I function staying at home with 3 toddlers, and how I still find time for the important things in my life. It's all thanks to the clarity and strength I have gained through the Radiant Woman Work."

- Natalja Corbett, Australia


"Learning to use the tools that I acquired through the program I learned to accept, love and respect myself and in response to the changes I have made I have experienced the people around me respecting me more as well. This has been another way that my self love was increased!"

- Val Flynn, USA

The Radiant Woman 101 comes with a FULL 30-day money back guarantee from the date of payment.